Church Marketing Tips

While some people may argue that salvation is free, it does require some money and effort to spread the gospel. What’s more, you need to promote or market the Message properly in order to get a decent response. However, you should be careful when choosing a promotional method for your church so as not to appear too forceful or commercial. In general, the campaign should be developed with a vivid picture of what the church stands for, in order to communicate this to intending members. Here are some unique church marketing tips to advertise your church.


*Know your target
The general socio-economic status of the folks in your locality will influence your approach in reaching out to them. For instance, if you are targeting young lads and lasses, you’ll get more results if your marketing campaign is more focused than general.

*Handwrite invitations
This is a targeted and relatively cheap approach that is very effective for small businesses. You can also duplicate the invitations and find out how much turn out you’ll get from your church program invitations.

*Online presence
The importance of creating social media accounts for your church cannot be overemphasized. These include Twitter, Google +, and Facebook pages, communities, and groups. These serve as a good platform for members to share pictures from previous events, post details about upcoming programs, as well as to interact. You can also display links to these profiles on strategic areas around the church to attract more visitors. This will help attract new members and connect to prospective churchgoers through video and audio copies of your messages, which can be provided for streaming and easy download.

*Community service
You can also promote your church in the community by setting up and designating a unit that will provide for some social needs to the people around. These members can serve the community in different sectors such as small home changes, yard work, bridge repairs, and so on. People are more likely to give you a positive response when you care about them during their time of need. A good idea would be to set up a large banner in front of your church advertising the charity works, and with contact information for anyone requiring such assistance.

*Free lessons for children

One of the most effective church marketing tips to attract the youth and the less fortunate members of your community is to organize free holiday school lessons, voice training, and piano lessons to keep them engaged. Apart from making them more productive, it will also provide a platform for the young ones to invite their family and friends to your church.

*Design car stickers
Printing out church stickers and handing them to your members to stick on their cars can generate a buzz about the church stands for. Most people will probably be interested to find out what the promotional products are, and the stickers can be rolled out, paid for, or shared free at every annual service or special program.

+Additional tips

*Offer a community award
Honor a worthy firefighter or policeman in your community with a nice award, and make it a big deal – video tape the entire event through a press conference, and post it on

*Invest in quality branding and graphics

Create a custom Facebook page and cover, and personalize your Twitter background.

*Create sassy postcards and distribute them to members to invite other people to your church.

These are most effective church marketing tips that will help boost your church follower-ship. In the end, it is genuine passion and dedication that’ll distinguish your church from the rest.